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Lund Bros Releases:

Lund Bros - Songbook IV <listen
"Songbook IV is full of great rock and roll tunes that go from a whisper to a roar, explode with the Lund's trademark vocal harmonies, and stinging and chiming with tons of guitars. Think the musical range, musical surprise, and yet overall coherence of the Beatle's White Album. Angry, bittersweet, fun and strange all at the same time - just listen."

Lund Bros - Tangents <listen
"There's a new sheriff in town! Pop veterans Chris and Sean Lund have created a gem of a pop release that is a pure joy. Plenty of crunchy guitars and spine-tingling harmonies throughout!"

International Pop Overthrow < listen
"WOW!! This is the fabulous Lund Brothers in their 2002 incarnation and finds them (in their own style) successfully mining the territory of classic popsters like The Nazz, Cheep Trick, The Posies, Queen and the Hollies - vocally and musically! You get the Idea! Harmonies and crunchy, powerful guitars abound! Can't say enough about these talented siblings!"

Loser <listen
"The first part of the Lund Brothers "Trilogy" to date shows them demonstrating their burgeoning instrumental, vocal (as in harmony) and songwriting prowess! The heaviest and raw-est (in a good way) version of the boys. Their uncanny knack for hooks and riffs and their unabashed love of classic power pop permeate this one!"
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